Free Gift Cards With Android or Apple Device

Did you know that you could get free gift cards by donating some time out of your day? The best part is that you get to use your phone. This is not only for Android but for Apple devices too. In my opinion Apple devices receive bigger pay out. My favorite app to use is “Free My Apps.” On Android devices you can find this in the Google Play Store, but for Apple you have to go here. If your on an Apple device, you’re going to have to download a harmless plug-in in order to get points. It has no effect on you device. Once here you can save it too your home page. To start receiving gift cards you have to gain points by downloading apps and playing them for at least 30 seconds. Once you are done you can go back into the app and you should have received your points. Some apps might give you a lot of points, some might give you a small amount. Once you saved up enough you can cash them in to get your gift cards. Another app that is very good (for both Apple and Android) is “AppTrailers.” Instead of Downloading apps all you have to do is watch app trailers and you receive your points. Another way you can get points on this app is by commenting on trailers and uploading your own videos. The last app im going to talk about is “FeaturePoints.” This app is the same concept of “Free My Apps.” In order to get this app click here. You have to go through the same process as “Free My Apps.” The difference between FeaturePoints and Free My Apps is that the payout isn’t as much. These are my top gift card apps that I use to get a quick $10 on Amazon. These apps will not make you super rich but will save you some money when shopping online.


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