Making Money On eBay

Ebay is a great business to get into, but you have to know your way around in order to maximize your profit. You can even purchase items for cheap on eBay and sell them for a better price. When posting your items on eBay make sure you spell check every single word. This could cause you to miss out on a huge opportunity. I have a great website that allows you to find auctions that have missed spelled titles. Since they are missed spelled, there is a low chance that someone else is going to bid on the auction. If you want to visit the website click here.Auctions This website is very simple you use. All you have to do is type in the product you would like to search(Playstation) and press search.

Advertisements Vs.

wordpress_com_vs_wordpress_orgMany people wonder what are the main differences between and Well allows you to create a free blogging website hosted by wordpress. is a website building program that is free to use that helps you build your website with no coding. With you have to use your own web hosting. When using you are allowed to use plug-ins that expand the capability of your website. If you are willing to pay for hosting, is the way to go. There are many more options and customizable features. If you want a small free website, your better off with Both are great options but, there are many other website building programs and it all comes down to your opinion.

WordPress App

If you are new to WordPress or you didn’t already know, you can access your word press stats on your mobile device. How is this possible? Well WordPress actually has a mobile app. It is available on both Android and Apple devices. You can find the app on the Google Playstore or in the AppStore. If you are managing a WordPress website, this app is very helpful. You can view who has signed up for your email list or who has started following your website. You can post blogs while on the go. The app also delivers notifications straight to your device. I recommend this app to everyone running a WordPress website. This app does not give you full management to your website. Just simple access to post and comments for people on the go.